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➕ What is the Academic Entry Requirement?

Depending on the child's most recent school report, translated into English, all prospective students, except for KG,  have to pass the Placement Test (PT) to enroll in the school.

What is the Placement Test (PT) about?

The Placement Test is to gauge the level of competence in the English language and the knowledge of fundamentals of mathematics and science a prospective student should have to enrol in the desired grade. Primary students only take the English Placement Test. Secondary students take English, Math and Science.Note that the assessment material is private and a property of the school. Parents are not entitled to view or obtain copies prior to or after the child's assessment.

What happens if my child fails the English Language Placement Test?

Your child has to take the English Language Intensive Course (ELIC) before enrolling to the mainstream classes.

How old should my child be to study in IMAS ?

Which curriculum does IMAS follow?

One of the main factors that differentiate us from other Certified Cambridge Registered International Schools is our holistic and balanced curriculum, which is tailored to nurture future leaders. We strive to provide your child with the best of both worlds as our curriculum seeks to blend quality British education alongside Arabic and Islamic education. 

What are the Co-Curricular activities offered by the school?

Starting from Grade 3, your child will have the option to choose one of these Co-Curricular Activities:VIEW | DOWNLOAD

How many nationalities are there in the school?

IMAS has more than 45 nationalities.

When are the intakes of the school?

- September and January. Application is open throughout the year.-Please refer to school academic calendar : 2023/2024 SCHOOL CALENDAR

What are the class sizes of the school?

The size of each class is approximately between 25-30.

Is the school co-ed?

Primary school is co-ed.In secondary school, the girls and boys are separated. However, they share other facilities in the campus.

What is the main medium of instruction in school?

- The main medium of instruction in the school is English.

What other languages are offered in IMAS?

Bahasa Melayu and Arabic Language.

Is there any scholarship available?

Malaysian Student Scholarship 2022/2023 : 50% of Tuition Fees (Grade 1-11), 40% of Tuition Fees (KG)Non-Malaysian Student Scholarship 2022/2023 : Application is open, subject to approval from the management.

Is it compulsory for the students to wear school uniform?

YES.You may purchase the school uniform and PE attire by clicking the following link. 

What are the facilities that the school provides?

Our beautiful campus is built to inspire and expand the minds of our students. Our facilities include:

A large library for both older and younger students

State-of-the-art auditoriums & 1 prayer hall

Deli-style canteens overlooking a green courtyard

A full-sized football field & futsal court

A basketball court & volleyball court

A playground for preschool students

3 fully-equipped science labs

3 computer labs

What type of food is available at the school cafeteria?

Malay and Arabic food are available in the school cafeteria.

When is the break time for the students?

Break time is from 10:20AM - 10:50AM.

Does the school provide transportation for the students?

- Yes, a school transportation service is available.Please visit the third party school transporter (FST) website for more information :

How can I book for the school tour?

 Please contact our marketing team via WhatsApp to book a school tour @ +60199999070.

How do we apply for admission to school?

Please click on the link below and key in all the required information. save the registration number after submission.

I have received my offer letter, what is the next step?

To confirm the registration, please follow the guidelines in the offer letter.

Does the school provide visa for the students?


Does the school provide visa for dependents?

Yes, only for mothers and siblings (less than 5 year old).

Does the school require any deposit payment?

No, not at the moment.

Does the school provide boarding facilities?


Does the school provide nursery facilities?

Yes, the school does provide nursery facilities for children from the age of 2 years old. Please refer to the school brochure for further details on the program and admission requirements. ..VIEW  I DOWNLOAD